The Postpartum Doula Difference

Informed Guidance, Comprehensive Care, & Professional Preparation

The Postpartum Doula Difference

Informed Guidance, Comprehensive Care, & Professional Preparation

Birth is one of the most profound and wonderful experiences you can have, but nothing compares to the joy of postpartum when you can finally hold your little one in your arms.

Postpartum should first and foremost be about getting to know your baby. You’ll be navigating a new daily routine, a new sleep schedule, and a completely new way of existing within your family’s framework. Being gentle with yourself during this process is key, especially when you find yourself navigating new territory.


Sometimes it may feel like you’re on a never ending learning curve during the fourth trimester when challenges arise, but postpartum is not just about learning the fastest way to solve a problem.

As your postpartum doula, I’ll help you learn how to navigate challenges with evidence-based education and healthy coping skills so you can be the best you for your baby. This is a huge transition, and no one should have to do it alone.


My care includes supporting your new family with breastfeeding, bonding, newborn care and recovery support.


Together, we assess your needs to assist your family with light household organization, meal prep, sibling adjustment, and companionship.


I model and share healthy behaviors to help you establish a healthy foundation for your new family.


I am dedicated to your privacy by maintaining confidentiality throughout the recovery postpartum period.

My role as your doula

At the heart of my care as your professional postpartum doula is this: I do not bring personal bias or opinions to the table. I provide unconditional, non-judgmental support.


I provide mother/baby expertise, guidance for newborn feeding and soothing, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, and emotional support while you recover. While you rest and bond with baby I can also assist with light housework, meal preparation, and the integration of older sibling(s) into this new experience.


A healthy life includes laying a healthy foundation. As a postpartum doula I have been trained to help families re-establish a sense of normalcy in your homes after baby is born and throughout the recovery period. For at least three months after birth, a postpartum doula can provide non- medical emotional and physical support to a mother and her baby (also known as the fourth trimester.)

Postpartum doula services

How to thrive postpartum:

As your certified postpartum doula, I will first sit down with you to design a postpartum plan that prioritizes your unique needs and preferences. If you don’t know what your needs and preferences are just yet, don’t worry.

I’ll ask you guiding questions to determine what kinds of support will best serve you and what length of care will work well for you and your family during the first three months of your infant’s life. Every person navigates the postpartum season in their own way, and you are no exception.

Maybe you’ll have a day in which you really need to vent to someone about how hard it is to adjust to your new life with your baby and learn coping skills.

Or maybe you’ll have a day in which all you need is for someone to celebrate a victory with you like your infant latching onto the breast or bottle without your help.

Some days, all you may need is for someone to jump in and assist with household care such as starting laundry, washing bottles, or making your bed.

Other days, all you may need is to pass your baby off to a person you trust so you can catch your breath.

Caring for this new addition to your family will affect every area of your life, so it just makes sense that as your postpartum doula I’m ready to support in many different ways. In other words, I provide holistic care.

So much of the postpartum care I provide is about laying a strong foundation together, so you will have all the tools you will need to feel confident in your abilities as a new parent. The key areas we’ll focus on together will be your mental state, your physical wellness, your spiritual awareness, and tangible care.

Nothing brings me greater joy than to help clients grow into their new roles as parents. It is the greatest joy of my life to provide professional guidance and support so you can care for your newborn baby with confidence.

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