Placenta encapsulation

Safe, Simple, and Effortless Wellness

Placenta encapsulation

Safe, Simple, and Effortless Wellness

Throughout human history the placenta has been a symbol of health and vitality, used in a wide variety of ancient practices involving both parent and child. You may have heard from a loved one about their experience with placentophagy (meaning, “to consume one’s placenta after birth”), or you may have read an article about the postnatal benefits of this practice that sparked your interest. If you’re new to this concept, we can’t wait to introduce you to the many advantages of placenta encapsulation.

why use placenta pills?

Have you considered turning your placenta into nourishing pills?

Many birthers find themselves intimidated by the concept of consuming their placenta or simply too exhausted to think about how they’re going to go about doing so. The placenta is often disposed of when it could have been used to nourish the birther with all those good nutrients to aid postpartum recovery. We are proud to provide professional placenta encapsulation services, helping new parents access the healing benefits of the placenta.

It all begins with hormones...

If you’re pregnant, in your postpartum period, or have had children before, you may be familiar with the seemingly magical hormone that is oxytocin which is known to reduce pain while promoting bonding between parent and child. These hormones aren’t just present during birth; they can also be found in your placenta, including prolactin, oxytocin, interferon and estradiol.

The placenta is a powerhouse!

The placenta is teeming with fiber, protein, and potassium that have worked hard to keep your baby well while in utero. These nutrients are why the health benefits of consuming your placenta are so widely reported. Many people in their postpartum period have talked about having an increased milk supply and improved levels of energy after taking daily placenta supplements.

Our placenta encapsulation process exists to take the guesswork and gruntwork out of placentophagy, so you’re able to have a memorable postnatal experience with your placenta that is completely safe, simple, and effortless.

Placenta Pills

Our placenta encapsulation process:

Our placenta encapsulation process is performed in a sanitary environment with the utmost respect for your placenta. We abide by OSHA guidelines and adhere to proper food safety standards from start to finish.

The placenta is washed, dehydrated, and ground into powder which is then transferred into edible capsules. By the end of this process you’ll have in your possession easy-to-ingest tablets that you can take as a daily supplement to support your postnatal wellness.

We can’t wait for you to experience all these benefits for yourself! Click below to get started.