I am Davon, the owner and founder of Divine Birthright.

Davon Crawford Doula

I believe:

Pregnancy and birth are a sacred voyage that require self-love, fearless introspection, and focused strength to discover new possibilities in and through motherhood.

My goal is to help women have safe, memorable, and fearless birthing experiences.

Professional doula care since 2017

As a certified full-spectrum doula, I am dedicated to improving birth outcomes and encouraging gentle birthing experiences.

I believe birth is an opportunity to transcend and rise above the norm, reach deeper inside ourselves, and see what we are truly made of.

Through my services, I share ancient wisdom and holistic practices that support families along their life-giving journeys. With practices like mindful breathing, ritual, and rhythm, I help families lay the foundation for healing and transformation.

As your doula, I strive to offer you evidence-based education that is encouraging, inspiring and empowering.

I am passionate about taking a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.

Finally, I aim to help increase your self-esteem and confidence, cultivate your spirit, and enlighten your birth journey.


My doula practice is grounded in the importance of changing the disparities women face in childbirth, by creating solutions that will lessen poor maternal outcomes for women of color.

In the same spirit, I am determined to elevate your experience, and help take the fear out of birth to improve the maternal journey. I dream that one day, all women will know the joy of a truly safe, healthy, and empowered birth for themselves and their babies.

Davon Crawford Doula

My journey to becoming a doula

My path to a doula calling and career was sparked by my own personal experiences. While pregnant with my first three children I knew very little about what to expect, and the options I had. I had limited support, knowledge, and resources. This led me to unnecessary interventions and traumatic experiences.

After those experiences, I began looking for more options and started educating myself on how I could have the outcomes I wanted. Learning about my options gave me the confidence I needed as I journeyed through my last pregnancy fearlessly and as a result, I experienced a non-medicated empowered vaginal birth with my fourth child.

Through my personal birthing experiences, I understand the importance of having the support of a doula. 

I believe childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever and having emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout this sacred voyage can make a difference. The growth I experienced through my birth experiences has made me a source of healing and compassion for other women.