The Birth Doula Difference

Comprehensive Care During Your Most Courageous Moments

The Birth Doula Difference

Comprehensive Care During Your Most Courageous Moment

As a certified full-spectrum doula with years of birth experience under my belt, I have what it takes to provide professional support and individualized care that will help you access your own strength and create the fearless birthing experience you’ve been longing for.

Over the past 5 years serving as a doula, I have noticed an increased desire for access to BIPOC doulas.

A strong, communal shift towards improving birth outcomes is leading more pregnant people to seek full circle support and continuity of care. As a doula and student midwife I want to help meet this rising demand for connection, creating more inclusivity, and helping to close the systemic gaps in maternal health.

Safe, Memorable, and Fearless

Though not every birth will go as planned, my goal is always to help every person in labor have a safe, memorable, and fearless birthing experience. I promise to provide you with evidence-based information and unconditional support, always.


When you hire me as your doula, I recognize that you are trusting me with one of the most important seasons of your life. I do not take this lightly. I’m honored to be a part of your birth journey.


Inclusion and equity are the heart of my practice. I am on a mission to shift the disparities people of color experience in birth with tangible and urgent action. As a mother of four, I have both the knowledge and the experience to advocate for my clients.


The world is waking up to the heart-wrenching reality of black infant and maternal mortality rates. The well-being of BIPOC communities can never be fully realized until our health and voices are prioritized. I am proud to be a part of this necessary change.

Clarify your vision & strengthen your spirit.


You’ll always have me in your corner to communicate your needs and preferences to healthcare providers. I provide comprehensive, evidence-based education to ensure you feel informed & confident.


Every person in labor deserves to have someone present during their birth whose sole focus is on them.  Rest in the knowledge I’ll always be there to ensure that you feel held, and have the power to make decisions you feel are best for you and your baby.


The option to utilize herbs to help heal ailments, alleviate symptoms of pregnancy, and aid postpartum recovery. Ceremonies include belly binding, closing of the bones, and Yoni steaming for healing.


Proven ways to reduce stress and manage pain during labor such as mindful breathing and rhythm. Support for partners to feel confident in their important role.


Should the occasion arise in which you’re needing some extra care, I’ll help you find a specialist with your best interest in mind.

Davon Crawford Birth Doula

Having a doula present during your birth won’t just make you feel cared for and supported; it is statistically proven to change your labor and delivery for the better.

When a doula is involved in the birthing process people are 60% less likely to as for pain relief and 28% less likely to need a cesearean section. Doula-assisted mothers were 4x less likely to have a low birth weight baby [and were] 2x less likely to experience a birth complication involving themselves or their baby.

- National Library of Medicine

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